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Officially recognized valuation report via a real estate appraiser

During an appraisal, a full fusion appraiser will estimate the value of your home. This is then done in the form of a valuation report. This report is important if you want to buy, sell or insure a property. The officially prepared report is accepted by all major banks and lenders.

A recognized appraisal report. What is your appraisal value?

What does a valuation report do?

The value of the home is stated in an appraisal report. This appraisal value of the house is necessary to obtain a mortgage. If the full fusion appraiser values a home, he or she will provide as accurate an indication as possible of the value of the home and will issue a report on this. With this, lenders want to prevent their deductible from becoming too great.

Independent appraiser

The valuation must be carried out by an independent appraiser, who is not involved in the purchase or sale of the property. This prevents mixed interests.

Valuation report for new construction

When buying a new-build home, a valuation report is usually not required to get a mortgage. Only above a certain purchase price do some lenders require an official valuation report. This limit differs per lender.

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To obtain an appraisal of your house or apartment, you need a full fusion appraiser from Evim Makelaars. By contacting us we can schedule an appointment with you.

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Our appraisers help buyers and sellers in Amsterdam North, Amsterdam West, Amsterdam South, Almere, Diemen, Haarlem and Amstelveen.

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