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Have your house renovated for a higher resale value

Refurbishing your home ensures better photos and more viewings. In addition, small simple adjustments can already provide a large increase in value.

Renovate the house. What supplies that on?

Refurbishing a house for a higher selling price

Once you have made the decision to sell your home, you probably don't want to invest a lot of money or time. And we understand that. We therefore collaborate with a local renovation company without incurring any additional costs before the sale. Renovating your home ensures better photos and therefore more viewings. A few small adjustments can already result in a large increase in value. You can choose to renovate your home yourself or have it done by an experienced party.

Value increase thanks to renovation and renovation

By moving in with the new resident, you can more easily imagine whether a renovation or renovation will be worth it. This way you can better consider whether and which jobs can be picked up. Do you find this difficult to estimate? Please feel free to contact us for advice.

Small or large jobs

You can tackle small or large jobs. Below are some examples where Evim Renoveert can help:

  • Increase living space – A larger living space increases the value of your home. Buyers always look at the living space.
  • Renovation of the sanitary facilities and kitchen – Buyers are willing to pay more for a ready-to-move-in home.
  • Repairs – Small repairs can quickly make a difference and often don't cost much.
  • Energy-saving jobs – Sustainability and a good energy label are becoming increasingly important. Especially with the rising prices.
  • Finished garden – The garden is often the first thing visitors see. And a good first impression is always to your advantage!

Fix it yourself

You can also redecorate your own home. You can think of (small) repairs and painting the inside in neutral colors. Not everyone likes bright colors. By responding to the colors that most people like, more buyers are interested. You can also redecorate your exterior painting and garden.

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