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Would you like to be kept informed of the new housing offer on a daily basis? Let us know what you are looking for so that we can create a search profile for you. As a result, you will immediately receive an e-mail as soon as a suitable home comes on the market.

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Do you already know what your housing needs are?

When looking for a new home, you can be overwhelmed by the offer. That is why it is important to map out your housing needs as soon as possible. For example, do you have a specific preference for a house or apartment? Then you can search here. You can also filter by number of (bed)rooms, price, size, location and much more! When your housing wishes are clear, the targeted search will follow. You can request a free search profile from Evim Makelaars especially for you. 

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It helps in your search for your new home if you are quickly aware of the latest offers. We offer our free search service especially for you. We will then automatically keep you informed on a daily basis of the latest housing supply (from Evim Makelaars itself and other agents) and any changes to existing housing supply. Think of price changes or other adjustments. This gives you an edge over the rest. Are you ready for the next step or do you want to seek advice? Then contact us. Our purchase agents are happy to help you.

Buying a (dream) house with a buyer's agent

Do you have purchase plans and would you like to share your home with a purchase agent buy, then we will certainly succeed. Our purchase agents are happy to help you in your search, price negotiations, purchase and legal documents.

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