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A valuation of your home that you can build on

At Evim Makelaars we go further than just determining the value of your house. We understand better than anyone that your house is more than just a home; it is an investment, a place full of memories and perhaps the starting point of a new adventure. Our sales agents immediately think about value-increasing aspects and optimal sales strategies for your home.

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Proven sales strategies

Do you want to sell your house based on the valuation? Our dedicated real estate agents are ready to make this process smooth and successful. We ensure successful sales with targeted strategies for different target groups, home types and markets.

Our sales agents sell houses in Amsterdam, Haarlem, Hilversum and Diemen, among others.

Benefits of Evim sales agents

  1. Big network
  2. Close contact
  3. Transparent
  4. Goal oriented
  5. Friendly
  6. Trustworthy
  7. Helpful
  8. Involved

That's why Evim Makelaars

Choose a sales agent who understands your wishes and will successfully market your house.

24/7 insight

Discover the convenience of a customer file that is accessible 24/7.


We are accessible to anyone who is looking for professional advice and guidance when selling a house.

Personal approach

For us, a feeling of home is central and that is why we find a personal approach extra important.

Rated with a 9.9!

We are proud to share that our real estate agency has an impressive average rating of 9.9 on Funda. Also trust our real estate agency and choose real estate agents who make you feel heard and welcome.

Proud of the happy clients!

Engin Bozdag
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Excellent real estate agent with attention to details. After a bad experience with another broker, I chose this broker. Our house was sold within 1 month with 25000eur above the asking price. Reasonable commission and reward based on performance. Very nice people too! Thank you Selman, Tunahan and Zeynep!
Mandy Vos
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Positive: Quality, Professionalism, Value

Remko vd Hoort
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Positive: Quality, Professionalism, Responsiveness, Value
mr. Mustafa
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We are extremely satisfied with Evim Makelaar. The communication was very good, was very helpful and very fast. The photos are very professionally made and placed on funda together with the text. Definitely recommended to get your house on Funda through Evim Makelaar.
Louis Couperusstraat 36
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We have been helped very well and expertly. They take their time and everything is neatly explained and discussed in detail. Evim Makelaars lives up to expectations and also has a good network and team.
Funda user
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Very satisfied with Evim Makelaars. Honest advice and always on time! We have kept our agreements well. There are not many brokers who are doing this well. A very satisfied customer.
Robert Fruinlaan 16 III
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Evim makelaars has helped us tremendously with the sale of our home. Very knowledgeable and professional also in communication. We have experienced the process as very pleasant and professional. Thank you for your cooperation.
Funda user
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Very nice people who have a lot of information about the housing market. Provide clear advice on how and what. Next purchase or sale will certainly be arranged by Evim.
mr. Burak
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My rating is good very good about evim real estate agent they are clear about situations and think along with customers likes to help customers .
518 Staten Statenjachtstraat
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adheres to the agreements and delivers good results. I am very satisfied!
Mrs. Ozlem
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Friendly, Reliable Super good at his job. We could really use his advice. Did his best to sell our house for a good price We are happy that we went out with evim real estate agents.
Funda user
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I recommend Evim real estate agents to everyone, it is a very good company, you can always reach them when you call, their service is very good and they sell your property quickly and affordably.
Da Costakade 125 A
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Tunahan was always reachable and responsive despite a very long process of house search. He also supported me on the sale of my current property. I consulted to him regarding the neighborhood of the target houses, fairness of the price, mortgage agreement, healthiness of owner's association, and timing of the buy and sell. I am very happy with his service.
mr. Yasin
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I would definitely recommend Evim Makelaars for those who want to manage the buying process of a house in the best way. Thanks again to Mr Tunahan for all his help.
mr. Cagdas Ortan
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We really had a great support for the second time. Tunahan worked his best with an awesome support from his capable team. Excellent communication skills and precise planning helped us a lot. I strongly suggest their support if you want to be successful on the market!
mr. Hidayet Kadiroglu
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I am very happy with your services.. helpful.. are always easily accessible for questions.. I am very satisfied and recommend everyone to contact evım brokers..
Dovenetelweg 54
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Very nice and nice realtor, very professional and involved. Excellent communication and service and above all professional! I recommend him to everyone! Very satisfied

How can our brokers help you?

We provide expert advice, guidance with legal procedures, assistance in finding the perfect home or selling your home safely, and ensure a stress-free experience with extensive market knowledge and experience.


The cost of a home appraisal varies depending on several factors, including the region, the type of home, and the real estate agency offering the service. At Evim Makelaars a valuation for your house is free. This is part of our service to help potential sellers estimate the value of their home.

A free appraisal may include a home inspection, an analysis of comparable homes in the area, and an estimated value report. It is important to note that a valuation, unlike an appraisal, is more informal in nature and more focused on providing insight for sales purposes.

Both an appraisal and a valuation are methods of determining the value of a home, but there are important differences between the two processes.


  • Formality: An appraisal is a formal assessment of a home's value performed by a certified appraiser. The appraiser is an independent, professional expert who is often registered with an official body.
  • Legal framework: Valuations are often necessary in specific legal situations, such as when applying for a mortgage or with inheritance issues. They must comply with strict rules and standards.
  • In-Depth: An appraisal involves a thorough examination of the home, including its state of repair, location, and comparable properties in the area. It results in an official valuation report.
  • Cost: Because appraisals require specialized knowledge and a certified professional, they are usually more expensive than an appraisal.


  • Informality: A valuation is more informal and is often carried out by a real estate agent as part of their services. It aims to provide an estimate of current market value.
  • Purpose: Valuations are often used for sales purposes. They help sellers get an idea of the potential sales price of their home.
  • More Limited Research: While a valuation may also include an analysis of comparable properties, it is generally less in-depth than an appraisal. It usually leads to an estimate of value without an official report.
  • Costs: Real estate agents often offer a free valuation as part of their service. However, if more in-depth research is required, fees may apply.

In short, while an appraisal is a formal and in-depth evaluation that must meet specific standards, a valuation is more informal and focused on providing insight for sales purposes. The choice between the two depends on the specific needs and requirements of the situation.

The validity period of a home valuation is not legally established and can vary depending on several factors, including the dynamics of the real estate market and any changes in the condition of the property. However, in general, a valuation is considered a snapshot and it is recommended that it be updated regularly, especially if there are significant changes in market conditions or the property itself.

A home appraisal provides an estimated market value of the home at a specific time. It's an expert assessment of what your home might be worth based on several factors.

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