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Arranging an energy label for your home often has to be done quickly. We understand that. That is why we think along with you so that we can quickly arrange an energy label for you.

New energy label. Fast and professional!

Energy label for your home

An energy label indicates how energy-efficient your home is. For example, A is economical and G is not economical. The new energy label is determined according to the NTA8800Energy performance for buildings. This gives a more accurate picture of how energy-efficient your home really is.

Discount on mortgage

After 2022, your energy performance will become even more important. The more energy efficient your home is, the more discount you can get on your mortgage. Your own mortgage lender can check for you what the exact conditions and possible benefits can be for you.

Recording energy label home

When you need an energy label, an advisor will visit you. A recording takes about 1 to 2 hours. The advisor calculates your energy label as accurately as possible. All energy-saving measures taken must be demonstrable. This can be done via construction drawings and invoices. 

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